The Course and Unit Builder

In-application help

Rather than asking you to read (and remember) an instructional manual, we've focussed on making the CUB application as user-friendly as possible. We've also embedded quick-reference help within the application so you have access to it when it's most relevant. Below are the key types of help.

animation showing an in-app video being clicked

Video overviews

If you're new to the application, you might find the short embedded videos useful. You'll find a quick introduction providing a quick walkthrough of the application, and a brief orientation video for each page.

animation of a user clicking an in-app help icon

Embedded pop-up help

You'll find pop-up help next to every element in the application. If you're looking for information on why a question is being asked, or how to use a part of a page, this is the place to look.

College-based support contacts

In the event that you are seeking guidance from a colleague on how to use the course and unit builder to design, review or amend curriculum, please make contact with your College-based support person. Each of the support people on this list have been selected and nominated by the Associate Dean Learning and Teaching from their respective College.

College Support contacts
College of Arts, Law and Education (CALE) Beverly Goldfarb
Nigel McKinlay
Melinda Standish
Richard Barker
Jamie Dobbs
Scott McIntyre
Justin Emery
College of Health and Medicine (CHM) Assoc. Prof Kathleen Tori
Tracy Douglas
Assoc. Prof Adele Holloway
Assoc. Prof Alison Canty
College of Business and Economics (COBE)Jaine Scollard
Tam Lynch
College of Sciences and Engineering (COSe) Rachael Phegan
Ryan Brunton
Mark Trischuk
University College (UC) Adam Carvosso
Emily McNall-Smith

Service desk

If College-based support people are unable to answer your query, you can log a ticket with the University of Tasmania Service Portal. Just make sure to include "CUB support" in the subject. Any enquiries that need to be directed to the Course and Unit Builder project team can be lodged using this method.

New option: join the CUB users' Zoom channel

To make it easier to communicate with the CUB team, we've started a Zoom channel that you can joinCUB feedback & announcements. If you haven't signed up to a Zoom channel previously,  take a look at Zoom's help resource on viewing and joining channels.