The Course and Unit Builder

Save time and resources

The CUB provides efficiencies for curriculum designers through single entry data points and  the multiple representation of this data for various audiences.

A design workspace

The CUB is an online workspace, serving as a visual language for teachers to engage in collegial curriculum design.

Practical guidance

The CUB enhances curriculum design capacity through the provision of a replicable learning design process and embedded guidance.

Quality curriculum

A process for developing quality curriculum recognising sectoral, professional and institutional requirements.

Just in time professional development

Curriculum development proficiency is developed at those crucial times when a course or unit needs to be developed or amended.

Developing curriculum is a design challenge

This necessitates emphasis on how we design curriculum to satisfy a multitude of competing requirements related to relevancy, efficiency and quality.

What constitutes good curriculum is local and contested

The CUB can generate visualisations of your thinking to communicate the rationale for your design decisions.

Learning design positions curriculum as a system of interrelated elements

In the same way that blueprints of a house act as a communication between building trades, having a common language around the design of units and courses is a key enabler for cross-disciplinary collaboration.

An evolution of an established system

400+ units of study have been (re)designed by Academics using a paper-based learning design process. Many of these Academics requested the development of an integrated tool to make the process more efficient and user-friendly.